English title: Nothing

Latest news: Motovun Film Festival screening – Kuća za ljude i umjetnost – Lauba ( Prilaz Baruna Filipovića 23a)

03.09.2020. 21:00 (before All My Crazy Love / Salvatores)

and 04.09.2020. 21:15 section NI NA DISTANCI NISMO STRANCI / Kratko kino u dvorištu

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Short synopsis

Two morticians, passionate about chess, prank a scientist trying to hitch a ride in their hearse. The scientist gives them a mysterious black spot and strange things begin to happen to the morticians, the strangest being the disappearance of a corpse they were transporting. They have to find the corpse or lose their job. The search leads them to a scientific institute where they find more questions than answers.

Original title: Ništa

Original story by: Zoran Ferić

Adapted by: Stanislav Tomić & Mario Marko Krce

Cast: Robert Ugrina, Stjepan Perić, Dražen Šivak, Maja Kovač, Esox Lucius Ido, Zdravko Ivanek, Igor Hammer

Director: Stanislav Tomić

Producer: Ana Krce

DoP: Mario Marko Krce

Editing: Tomislav Pavlic

Original music: Dalibor Barić

Running time: 20min

Original language: Croatian