Short synopsis

The documentary film “Travelers” is an emotionally extremely powerful story of repression and rebellion, the art and the love that breaks through the limits of socially acceptable, survives despite destructive social norms and relations. Love, that is, as our main protagonists say, ready for sacrifice. And a common artistic project that mirrors themselves, incarnates their life energy.

Original title: PUTNICI

English title: Travelers

Director: Tina Šimurina

Cinematographer: Mario Marko Krce

Editing: Anita Jovanov

Running time: 45min

Year of production: 2018

Original language: Croatian

Festivals & Screenings:

Motovun film festival, Motovun, 2019 – Special screenings

DORF, Vinkovci 2019

Dok’n’Ritam film festival, Belgrade, 2019

Night of the Museums, The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, 2019


Najbolji film – Regionalna konkurencija, DORF

Best Film – Audience Award, Dok’n’Ritam film festival